Course curriculum

    1. How to use.

    2. LESSON PLAN -How to show kindness and respect

    3. Pre - survey before you start the workshop

    1. Doodle Bug Reward Chart

    2. Doodle Bug Certificate

    3. Doodle Bug Book Mark

    4. Kind and respectful actions list

    5. Different Environments for kindness and respectful behaviour

    6. World template

    1. Welcome!

    2. Intro to Doodle Bug

    3. Quick quiz to start!

    1. The Importance of Kindness & Respect vid

    1. Doodle bug story -Teacher

    2. Animated story of Doodle Bug

    1. Quick quiz

    2. Stand up if you like peas!

About this course

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Watch out for Doodle Bug and learn his lesson about respect and kindness!